BuTrans patches are transdermal, self-adhesive patches licensed for the treatment of constant, moderate, non-malignant pain when an opioid is necessary for obtaining adequate analgesia.

BuTrans patches contain buprenorphine and are available in 4 patch strengths: 5 μg/h, 10 μg/h, 15 μg/h and 20 μg/h. Either one or two patches of any strength may be applied simultaneously, for a total of eight dosage options up to a maximum of 40 µg/h.

Structure of the BuTrans patch

Structure of the BuTrans patch1

Buprenorphine is incorporated into an adhesive polymer matrix (acrylate vinyl acetate), from which it is continuously released into the systemic circulation over 7 days.

BuTrans is not licensed for the treatment of acute pain.

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